Stowe, VT – Over the course of many months, Stowe Cider has interpreted their collective dreams, and they’ve finally taken shape in a bold new cider. Gummy Bears has joined the cider maker's Brain Waves Project of limited edition ciders as perhaps the wildest addition to date.  

Pucker Up and Get Down

Straight from their brains to your taste buds comes a mouthwateringly unique cider. Heeding the mysterious calls of their dreams, the Stowe crew twisted up a tasty base cider which was co-fermented and aged on blue raspberry gummies. The result is an otherworldly cider that is dry, as cider should be, and comes in at 6.9% ABV with only 3g of sugar per 16 oz.

“Sour gummies have always had this cult-like following, and I’ve always had a penchant for them” said Mark Ray, owner of Stowe Cider. “What makes this cider particularly dreamy is the big tart flavor of the gummies coming through, but there’s almost no sugar to speak of in the cider. It takes on the aroma and flavor of candy without the sweetness.”

Gummy Bears is available exclusively at the Stowe Cider tasting room in Stowe Vermont in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and on draft. It’s extremely limited and is not expected to last long. Cider lovers are encouraged to visit sooner rather than later to ensure they can experience it.

About the Brainwaves Project

The Brainwaves project is an eclectic collection of dreamy experimental ciders, straight from their brains to your taste buds. This ongoing exploration pushes hard cider’s creative limits to new and exciting places. Each new offering appears as do dreams: suddenly and without warning.