At Stowe Cider, being a Good Neighbor means:

  • Supporting our local community

  • Providing opportunities for those around us to grow

  • Taking care of our surrounding land

  • Being an active part of our town

Whether putting on annual events such as Jam for the Land - with music, food and games-which raises money for the local Stowe Land Trust. encouraging community members to collect apples that can get pressed into a cider, or using funds from the community cider that is sold for local student scholarships, Stowe Cider wants to be your Good Neighbor.

Stowe Cider is often donating time and goods to local non-profits and organizations as well as sponsoring music and events at local restaurants. We love our Stowe community and want to play as big a role as we can in it.

If you have ideas for how you or your organization want to partner with Stowe Cider and be our good neighbor, let us know! You can contact goodneighbor@stowecider.com

Here's how it works:

  • Community members collect apples, pears, and other fruit. (Please do not trespass or take from trees without permission from the land owner.)

  • Bring the fruit to Stowe Cider during regular business hours until November 5th, 2018.

  • Cold Hollow will press the apples and pears into cider.

  • Stowe Cider will ferment the juice and package the hard cider.

  • Once packaged we will host a series of events around the community to sell the finished product, promote the project and raise money for the scholarships.

  • Scholarship details to be released in a separate announcement later this fall.

Collection and drop off details:

  • Drop off a minimum of 1 bushel of apples (40lbs) or medium box of fruit to Stowe Cider during regular business hours from now until November 5th.

  • Apples must be at least the size of a ping pong ball.

  • Cannot contain obvious rot spots.

  • Should be firm, not squishy.

  • Drops acceptable if you see them drop while picking, but please don't collect drops.

  • Please drop off in cardboard, cloth totes, hard plastic, or wood boxes. No grocery, garbage, or similar plastic bags.

Include the following information with your drop off:

  • Name, phone, hometown and email.

  • Location the apples were picked (town/region and address if possible.)

  • Variety of apples if known.



Our community supports us and we love supporting our community. After collecting apples from our neighbors, and pressing them into cider, we are excited to return the funds to our local students. With a huge thanks to our local community and friends over at Cold Hollow for their donations, Stowe Cider is pleased to offer three “Good Neighbor” scholarships. These are three non-renewable scholarships valued at $1500.  


  1. Must be an attendee of:

    - A Washington or Lamoille County High School.

  2. Have maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75

  3. Must be a member of the Class of 2019 planning to attend an accredited technical training program or college in 2019-20.

  4. Be an active community member!

*The application deadline is April 25, 2019.

You may mail materials via snail mail to:

Stowe Cider (c/o Mark Ray)

17 Town Farm Ln

Stowe, VT 05672


Or via email to Cara Ray: goodneighbor@stowecider.com

Application Process:

  1. Submit one letter of recommendation from a community member
    (teacher, friend, coach, etc) who can speak to your community engagement.  

  2. Write and submit one essay (maximum 500 words) that tells us how you have been a
    “good neighbor” in your local community.  

  3. Submit copy of your official high school transcript.



After collecting apples and pears with our neighbors and pressing them into juice at Cold Hollow, the Scholarship is slow-fermented into an unfiltered and slightly wild cider. Proceeds are donated in the form of scholarships to local students. Thanks to all in the community who participated in this year’s forage.